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Essential Oils

No More Snoring!

Tabitha Helms


Okay, let's talk snoring here. I assume it's not so bad when you're the one doing it because it means you're sleeping nice and deeply. However, to the person next to you in bed, it can be a little (okay a LOT) on the aggravating side! I confess to a few elbow in the rib moments to make the noise stop. Haha. Thankfully, my Hubs doesn't snore too often. The last few weeks have been out of the ordinary because I'm not sure if you've heard, but we've had some weird weather here in Southern California. It's been a "Hello Allergies, I haven't missed you," kind of few weeks. 

The congestion and poor air quality have been our constant companions. Finally, I was so desperate that I had lost the hope I went to bed with each night that his allergies would be done, and I could sleep through the night, so I turned to my favorite friends, essential oils. 

It was a bit of trial by error with the length of time I had the diffuser running, but I finally got it to work. I added Respiratory Blend and Cardamom (I'm still using up my old Respiratory Blend bottles that don't already come with Cardamom) to my Whisper diffuser, and ran it on the 5 hour setting. Every night I've done that, there has been no snoring in the Helms household! However, when I put it on the 3 hour setting, there was. So apparently my Hubs needs 5 hours of support for his respiratory system. ;) 

I was so thankful it was such an easy fix. I'm so happy to be getting a full night's sleep again! Ask me how to get some Respiratory Blend of your own!

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