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Essential Oils

Oils for Pregnancy

Tabitha Helms

Essential Oils for Pregnancy

I have been so thankful for midwife, Stephanie Fritz' book, Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies while I've been pregnant. I also love The Essential Life. I've made multiple lists for each trimester using Fritz' suggestions, and it's so nice to have on hand when I encounter different health "perks" or pregnancy. I highly recommend either book if you are looking for a natural approach to your pregnancy health.

I wanted to share with you specifically, what things I've tried to help my symptoms along with my daily regimen. I am not a doctor, and I encourage you to speak with your OB/GYN if you're planning to incorporate essential oils in your routine. I can only safely recommend oils from the company I purchase from as they are more high quality than what you would find in the store. Contact me if you want to know more about them! Above all, listen to your body. We all experience symptoms of pregnancy to varying degrees, and your body will let you know if you should or shouldn't be using something. 

Daily Regimen: 
Prenatal Vitamins: Whole Food Nutrient Supplement for multivitamins and minerals and Essential Oil Omega Complex for essential fatty acids (4 each daily; I take them with my lunch)
**Here's a comparison on the daily requirements in prenatal vitamins and how these match up. I printed that document out to show to my OB/GYN for approval. I have also read several posts of women who have used these successfully. One said she noticed it helped with morning sickness too. (Always a plus!)
Digestive Enzymes: Food Enzymes for digestive enzyme support (1 first thing in the morning, 1 with breakfast, 1 with lunch)
Probiotic: Defensive Probiotic for probiotics and probiotics (1 daily, except the first five days of the month, I take it three times a day)
Essential Oils: Grapefruit, Frankincense, Melissa (in a capsule every morning), Protective Blend beadlet for immune system support (every morning), Grounding Blend to promote sense of calm (on feet every morning)
Detoxification Blend: Liver support (rubbed on abdomen over liver)
Metabolic Blend: Support metabolism function (3 times daily before meals)
Lemon Oil: Add a few drops to my 3 quarts of alkaline water I drink daily

Breast Tenderness: Can you say ouch?? This thankfully lessened as time went on, but Monthly Blend for Women is what I used directly on them nightly and additionally during the day if they pain was bad.
Cramps: I only had that the first couple weeks after finding out I was pregnant. Monthly Blend for Women over my lower abdomen as needed was used.
Morning Sickness: If you can call what I've had that. Thank the good Lord, I only threw up once. One day I felt like I needed to, which was great fun since I was driving to work and suddenly thought I needed to pull off to Fresh and Easy and run to the bathroom. Before pulling a drastic move across traffic, I whipped out my bottle of peppermint oil and stuck it under my nose and inhaled it deeply for the next 5 minutes until my stomach calmed down. I made it to work and missed morning staff meeting due to my time needed in the ladies' room. :-O For the most part, peppermint has been my go-to oil. It's helped me to inhale it or rub it across my abdomen. Sometimes I'll take it internally as well, but only a little as the essential oils are extremely powerful and when you're already queasy, you don't want overpowering tastes in your mouth. 
Spotting: Here's one that no one ever told me about but is apparently normal, so don't panic if you start spotting; it doesn't mean you're miscarrying. But do talk to your doctor for recommendations. Mine just said refrain from intercourse and we'd do an ultrasound at my first appointment. I used Monthly Blend for Women over my abdomen regularly. 
Acid Reflux: TUMS did NOTHING for me. It worked partially for about 2 minutes and then I felt like I needed another one. Thankfully, a kind soul sent me some DigestTab and it helped amazingly for much longer periods of time. This is probably the most used product for me during pregnancy. It's calcium carbonate just like TUMS, but doesn't taste nearly as chalky (which, let's be honest, makes tummy upset worse when you try and choke it down!). It also has some oils added that help soothe the gastrointestinal tract.
Leg Cramps: When I woke up at night with leg cramps (would always happen if I stretched in the middle of the night when I awoke; weird) I rubbed cypress oil on them. 

I'm so thankful I had these to use during my pregnancy. They made a huge differences, and I was so happy to have something that was natural and pure to help my discomforts.