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Essential Oils

TMJ Protocol

Tabitha Helms

Ever heard of or experienced "lock jaw?" It is terrifying the first time it happens. I woke up and couldn't open my mouth all the way. It was like someone had screwed it shut partially. Breakfast was out of the question. I did everything I could to fix it. Rested, tried to relax, went to Bikram yoga so the heat could ease the tension, and did some pulling motions on my back gums. Each helped a little, but as soon as I would stop or went back into normal temperature air, it would come back again. The worst part I think (besides the concern that I would never be able to eat again!) was the clicking. My jaw would click every time I tried to open or close my mouth. Awful. 

My dentist has told me in the past that I clench my teeth when I sleep. He has recommended a small mouthguard that covers only the front teeth. But when I researched it, peoples' reviews said it makes you drool a lot and for some people it fell out at night, which is what happened with other mouth guards I had tried. I wasn't a big fan of the idea. 

Then I attended an oils class and was told I could use Massage Blend to help TMJ (Temporomandibular Muscle Joint dysfunction). This question gets asked several times on a oils share group I am a member of so I thought I would share with you how I was told to use the oil to help your body naturally ease TMJ symptoms. I have used it successfully, and now rarely get lock jaw! 

Apply Massage Blend on the "third eye" or soft spot on the top of the head, massaged along the "seam lines" in my skull, on the mastoid bones and at the base of the skull/top of my neck to help prevent teeth clenching and waking up with lock jaw.

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