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Essential Oils

Daily Oil Routine

Tabitha Helms

It's that time of year again: school time. I'm teaching first grade this year, and it amazed me that we lasted the first week without any sicknesses being spread! That first year, really does help build immunity. The other thing that I know helps in my classroom is my oil diffusing. I diffused Wild Orange last night at Back to School Night and had some parents inquire about it. It was so cool to get to share with them the different ones I diffuse and the awesome results I've seen! 

But onto my daily routine to keep me healthy and energized for the day . . .

Wake up:

1) Protective Blend Natural Whitening Toothpaste with 1 drop of Protective Blend on my toothbrush (that'll wake you up!)

2) 1 drop of Grounding Blend on my feet

3) Clear Skin Blend on my stress-induced, Acne Rosacea trouble spots followed by a spritz with a spray bottle of distilled water and Melaleuca Oil.

4) Lifelong Vitality pack vitamins, Mito2Max supplement, and DDR Prime supplement. (I take a 1/2 dose as I am an overall healthy individual.)

Through the Day:

1) Lemon or Grapefruit or Ginger added to my water bottle

2) Diffuse in my classroom (favorites are Protective Blend, Peppermint, Lavender, and Wild Orange)

Before Bed:

1) Same toothpaste routine

2) Same acne routine

3) Wash my face with Clear Skin Foaming Face Wash 

4) Massage Blend on my "third eye" or soft spot on the top of my head, massaged along the "seam lines" in my skull, on my mastoid bones and at the base of my skull/top of my neck to prevent teeth clenching and waking up with lock jaw. :(

5) Lavender on my pillow for good sleep


Throughout the day I will also use other oils as needed. If I feel sickness coming, I start taking On Guard throughout the day. When a headache springs up, I put Soothing Blend on my neck, ears, and temples. When I ate too fast because I had too much work to do on my lunch break and I'm left feeling icky, I take some Digestive Blend. In addition to other oils for other needs.

What's your daily oil routine?