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Essential Oils

DIY Cleaning Products - Chemical Free

Tabitha Helms

As I begin to get ready to become a homemaker, my research on chemical free cleaning supplies has moved up on my to do list. I have found since using essential oils, my interest about gluten free eating, and a more naturally healthy lifestyle has grown. I ordered some glass spray bottles from, and got out my essential oils to help put together some natural, environment healthy, successful working cleaning sprays. My main cleaning ingredients include baking soda, lemon, white vinegar, and essential oils. I love how wonderful my oils smell in them too! Essential oils are very strong and powerful. Although these cleaners are diluted, to be on the safe side, I get glass bottles to ensure the oils are not eating away at the plastic since I make a lot at once. Scroll down to the recipe!

Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Air Freshener
Dusting Spray

All Purpose Spray
Dish Soap
Disinfecting Wipes

Toilet Bowl Cleaner:  Courtesy of How Does She

1/2 cup baking soda (I get a big bag from Costco)
1/2 cup white vinegar
7 drops Melaleuca essential oil

Dump in toilet, let sit for 10 minutes. Flush.

Air Freshener: Courtesy of Yankee Homestead

16oz water
12 drops essential oil (try Grapefruit, Lemon, Citrus Blend, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, or On Guard)

Place in a 16oz, glass spray bottle. Shake and use.

Dusting Spray: Courtesy of doTERRA Blog

3/4 c olive oil
10 drops Lemon essential oil
3/4 c white vinegar
3 c warm water

Place in 32oz, glass spray bottle. Shake and use.

All Purpose Spray: Courtesy of doTERRA International

1/4 c white vinegar
1-3/4 c water
30 drops essential oil (try 1/2 each Lemon/Lavender or 1/2 each Grapefruit/Protective Blend)

Add to a 16oz glass spray bottle. Shake and use on surfaces.

Dish Soap Courtesy of doTERRA Blog

2 c unscented castile soap
20 drops Lime essential oil
8 drops Lemon essential oil
6 drops Citrus Blend essential oil

Combine in a glass bottle. Shake before use. Use 1-2 Tbs for a load of dishes.

Disinfecting Wipes: Courtesy of doTERRA Blog

1 roll of paper towels, cut in half
2 c warm water
2 T Fractionated Coconut Oil
3 drops Protective Blend essential oil
3 drops Lemon essential oil
1-2 T Protective Blend foaming hand soap**

Put 1 half of the roll of paper towels in an airtight container. Combine liquid ingredients and pour HALF of it over the paper towels. (Save the other half for the remaining half of the paper towel roll.) Close the container and let sit for 10 minutes. Turn the container over and let sit for 10 minutes. Open it and remove the cardboard roll. Pull up a towel from the middle.

**Make foaming hand soap with 3/4 c water, 1 T unscented castile soap, 1 T Protective Blend Cleaner Concentrate, and 5 drops of Protective Blend essential oil (Courtesy of Purely Essential Recipes)