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Essential Oils

Essential Oils, Headaches, & Migraines

Tabitha Helms

As a high stress person who thrives on busyness and being an overachiever, I have been plagued with something known as chronic tension headaches. Basically, it's a stress-induced headache with a throbbing in the temples mostly and often at the base of the neck. I have had tension headaches every day since about college. Because they were a daily occurrence, I just accepted them and learned to live with the pain. Ibuprofin used to work, but their frequency lead to an inability to do anything more than dull the throb. That is...until I was introduced to essential oils. I've mentioned before of my skepticism when trying the oils, but the first time I tried them, I got instant results in all three areas I was attempting to help. One of those areas was my tension headache.

The oil company I purchase from makes one of my all time favorite essential oil blends that does wonders for head relief. Soothing Blend is a blend of Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Tansy, German Chamomile, Helichrysum, and Osmanthus. You can read more about each of those oils and their benefits/uses here.

Now when I get a tension headache, I apply Soothing Blend blend to my temples and the base of my neck and comb it up into my hairline. I put some on my temples and comb it back into my hairline. I run my fingers along the back of my ears and massage it onto my earlobes and up the edge of my ears. I rub whatever is leftover on my fingertips along my forehead. Soothing Blend gives me relief within 10 minutes and my headache disappears completely, although that is just my personal experience. Ibuprofin had stopped responding in my body. It would take about 30 minutes to feel partial relief with over the counter medication. Soothing Blend has been incredible.

Every now and then I get migraines too, and I add Frankincense to the Soothing Blend. I also put Melissa on my thumb and hold it to the roof of my mouth while I breathe in and out a few times. Then I wipe my thumb along the top of my mouth, put a couple drops of Frankincense under my tongue, and drink it down with water. I confess that it doesn't taste amazing. It tastes like a plant. But it's bearable, and it gives me relief. If I experience nausea with my migraine, then I also take Digestive Blend with some water.