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Essential Oils

Sick Days

Tabitha Helms

Fighting Germs with Essential Oils

As a teacher, I do have a fairly good immune system as a result of being exposed to germs 5 days a week by means of "my" 5-year-olds. I thought I was amply prepared this time because I've been using Balance on my feet every morning, and remembering to take my vitamins...not to mention the extra drop of Protective Blend on my toothbrush with my Protective Blend toothpaste every morning and night. But what I didn't plan on, was catching something from my man who had just gotten off the plane where there are probably more germs than I ever come into contact with in my classroom.

So my second week of school has been performed with the battle of a sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, and a voice that seems easy to lose. I hate taking sick days, and it's 'just' a cold, so I've been pushing through. Today, I hit my breaking point, however, when I attempted to teach PE with hardly any voice and a cough that prefers to be out than in. How do you teach kindergartners to do something without leading by example--especially when they've never done it before? You don't. So I was out there exercising with them, teaching them dodgeball, and yelling over their frenzied excitement to call outs. As a result, the rest of the day has been a struggle to be heard. I reached my breaking point when my chatty students couldn't be quiet enough for me to complete a sentence when giving directions. I did what any desperate teacher would do...picked some Follow Directions songs for them to get their wiggles and giggles out and learn how to obey commands when given while I rested my voice and attempted to stop coughing.

We survived to rest time where I got my prep work done and sat down for some essential oil relief. I felt the pressure in my chest about an hour before, and didn't even think to look for my inhaler. I haven't needed it in 2 years since I had bronchitis to start out my first year of teaching (that was fun). But sitting at rest time I remembered the feeling in my chest was similar to what I'd experienced then. I dug into my purse to try to locate it, only to find that after a good year of carrying it around, not ever needing it, I had decided to leave it at home. I hate when I do that!! Right when you take it out is when you end up needing it. I told myself I was going to have to find something else. So I pulled out my oils pouch, put a couple drops of Respiratory Blend on my chest and within 10 seconds, I took a deep breath--instant relief. I dropped Protective Blend down my throat which cleared out the tickle that had been in there all day. And I rubbed Soothing Blend and Frankincense into my scalp and the tension headache that always comes with a cold, went down a notch.

So although I was wishing I had taken a sick day, so I wouldn't be miserable and so I wouldn't come across as such a irritated teacher, the oils came to my rescue, and I made it through. And I plan to sleep as much as possible this weekend with my diffuser blasting me while I sleep!