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Essential Oils

Protective Blend Hand Sanitizer

Tabitha Helms

Did you know that alcoholic based hand sanitizer has 62%-65% ethanol in it? If a small child ingested just 2 ounces, it would be like him drinking 3 shots of tequila. Yikes! If you think of how often a child's hand goes in his mouth, it's enough to make you a little more than wary of that easy-access squirt bottle. Even with my Kindergarten class, I have been squirting their hands right before they go out to eat a snack or have lunch. No, the residue is not enough to make them drunk, but still...that can't be good for their little bodies! But don't just think that because you no longer have little ones that you're in the all-clear. Many reports have been submitted of teens purposefully drinking it in order to get drunk. Poison control centers get calls often of alcohol poisoning due to hand sanitizer ingestion.

While no deaths have been recorded on hand sanitizer ingestion and alcoholic based hand sanitizers are not as dangerous when using it on your skin, there are still other more effect and child-friendly alternatives.

Besides all the above information, because of the alcohol content, hand sanitizer is flammable; it says so directly on the bottle! It can cause irritation to your eyes, heighten your UV sensitivity, and dry out your skin. Nothing, not even this nonalcoholic version is as good as soap and water, but if it's unavailable, this is a much friendlier product for you and your kids.

Protective Blend Hand Sanitizer

Protective Blend has been tested in universities and found to have a 99.6% effective kill-rate on airborne bacteria. I have used it and experienced it firsthand in keeping my immune system strong, as well as knocking out illnesses at a faster rate than before I started using it. I diffuse it in my classroom all day long during flu season and saw only 2 or 3 students suffer from stomach flu last year compared to the previous year of not diffusing it when only 2 or 3 students didn't get the stomach flu. Aside from diffusing it, I love the throat drops and the toothpaste for regular use.

I wanted to try out making some hand sanitizer with Protective Blend, to see how cost effective it was, and to provide a non-alcoholic alternative that is effective in killing germs. I was so excited when DoTerra Blog provided a recipe for me to try it out!

Yields 3/4 cup


7-1/2 Tablespoons Aloe Vera Gel ($1 for 16 fl oz=$0.23)

1/2 teaspoon Vitamin E oil (You can find it at Walmart and Target! $7 for 3 fl oz=$0.19)

12-15 drops Protective Blend ($32 for 15 ml, which is about 300 drops!=$1.20-$1.50)

5 +/- Tablespoons Water (free!)

Small Squeeze Container(s) (recycled/reused=free!)


Combine Aloe Vera and Vitamin E together. Add Protective Blend. Add water a little at a time and mix until it is smooth, not lumpy or watery. Use a funnel if needed to pour the mixture into your container. It's heavy enough that it pretty much poured from the funnel into the container itself without my coaxing.

Total cost of this recipe: $1.62 for 3/4 c of hand sanitizer (fairly comparable to store prices, huh?) :)

Note: Usually essential oils can't be stored in plastic because the strength of the oil eats away at it and puts all that toxic plastic stuff into your blend. But if they are really diluted as with this aloe vera, you can use a high quality plastic container although glass is always better. 

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