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Essential Oils

Essential Oils in the Classroom

Tabitha Helms

Essential Oils in the Classroom

I've been using DoTerra Essential Oils for a couple years now. To be honest, I'm usually a little skeptical of "natural" products due to the higher costs and the difficulty of attaining them. For example, I know eating Paleo is much better for my body, and I've looked into it several times. However, when I look through the ingredients list of a recipe, the chances that I have all the ingredients are very slim. Most of the time there are "specialty" products that are hard to find and are much more expensive. So when I heard about DoTerra, I was curious, but wasn't ready to just jump on board.

My future mother-in-law gave me a private class to fill me in on the benefits of using them versus what happens when we use antibiotics and other "regular" ways of dealing with problems in our bodies. It was fascinating. I read more about it, and started using the little sample pack she gave me. The first day I decided to use them, I remember I had been nauseous, had a headache, and something else. I took some Digestzen, rubbed Deep Blue into my scalp and temples, and applied whatever else was needed for the third ailment. Within minutes, each of those ailments disappeared. I was shocked, floored, and completely sold. I've continued using them and have never been sorry for the investment.

I made a video about how I use essential oils in my classroom for my mother-in-law to use when she teaches her oil classes. After reading teacher testimonials on DoTerra Blog this morning about how oils are used in the classroom, I thought I'd share how I use them too. 


ue to the new compliance regulations, I had to take down my video, which is such a bummer, because it had so many views! But you can check out the overview below in compliant language. 

- DIY Protective Blend Wipes: Students wipe down their tables with these daily
- Protective Blend Spray: Few drops in a bottle of distilled water, spray down surfaces, door handles, floor pillows, carpet, anything when colds are going around the classroom

- Improve moods with Uplifting Blend or citrus oils
- Calm jittery classes with lavender
- Help focus with peppermint and orange
- Deter smells with Cleansing Blend
- Protective Blend during flu season

- Bloody noses: Helichrysum
- Upset stomach: Digestive Blend
- Asthma Attack: Respiratory Blend
- Bug Bite: Peppermint, Frankincense, Lavender

- Anxiety Blend #4: Aids me through the busyness of the holidays
- Protective Blend Beadlets: Take daily for health boost
- Protective Blend+ Capsules: Take when sickness gets me
- Lavendar: Better sleep

I love using oils in my classroom, and my students love them too!