Treating Mastitis Naturally

The first time I got mastitis, it felt like I got hit by a truck. For someone who never gets sick, this one left me flat on my back in bed, hardly able to stand on my legs to walk to the bathroom. It felt like the flu, with a fever, and major pain in my breast--making breastfeeding an excruciating chore. 

Teething Rash

With the teething territory comes the drool. Some days are worse than others where the drool is actively dripping (there's a great visual for you, I know) but most of the time it just covers his chin because he's chewing on his teething toys all the time. Because of this, he's developed a red, rash on his chin. It doesn't seem to bother him, but it doesn't look very comfortable either.  

Infant Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

Who remembers as a kid getting crusty stuff behind your ears, that you would naturally scrape off, only to discover it left your ear bright red, smarting, and pained? Youch! I can still remember the feeling! So when I found some behind my baby's ear this week, I made sure NOT to remove it! 

Instead, I took out doTERRA's Correct-X Essential Ointment--an all natural, multi-purpose ointment that helps soothe distressed skin. This ointment hydrates, purifies, and conditions the skin--all things I thought would be helpful for my little guy's ears. 

Oils for Pregnancy

I have been so thankful for midwife, Stephanie Fritz' book, Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies while I've been pregnant. I also love The Essential Life. I've made multiple lists for each trimester using Fritz' suggestions, and it's so nice to have on hand when I encounter different health "perks" or pregnancy. I highly recommend either book if you are looking for a natural approach to your pregnancy health.

AromaTouch Technique

Reagan and I just enjoyed a beautiful, relaxing getaway with our friends in the mountains. For our retreat, we brought along our massage table and AromaTouch Technique oils to add some extra relaxation and pampering to our weekend. This technique is one of my favorite ways to use essential oils, and is much cheaper than going to a massage therapist!

Singer's Throat Spray

 Today, I tried to pick keys for my songs quite pathetically as my voice slid all over the scale because well, my voice hasn't been working too well this week. I did a Google search and found an angel posted a recipe for a singer's throat spray! I decided it was worth a shot and tried it out. 

I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't burn even though it had On Guard and Oregano in it. I was MORE amazed that as soon as I sprayed down the hatch I started hitting the notes. Whoa. Sign me up for this stuff! 

Comparing Cleanses

I've been bit by the cleanse bug again. I'm ready to restart my system and start hacking away at those newlywed pounds before we head off to Alaska for an anniversary cruise in a few months. I've had a few friends that do cleansing through Shakeology and Arbonne, and I wanted to compare them to doTERRA's products to see which is most beneficial.

No More Snoring!

Okay, let's talk snoring here. I assume it's not so bad when you're the one doing it because it means you're sleeping nice and deeply. However, to the person next to you in bed, it can be a little (okay a LOT) on the aggravating side! I confess to a few elbow in the rib moments to make the noise stop. Haha. Thankfully, my Hubs doesn't snore too often. The last few weeks have been out of the ordinary because I'm not sure if you've heard, but we've had some weird weather here in Southern California. It's been a "Hello Allergies, I haven't missed you," kind of few weeks. Thankfully, my Essential Oils have come to the rescue and helped him breathe and me sleep!

Anxiety Blend

There are a few different anxiety blends. I found blend #4 to be strong and effective for my anxiety. I highly recommend it if you are suffering like I did. Based on the wholesale prices of the bottles of oil, divided by the number of drops used, this blend costs approximately $10 to make.

Daily Oil Routine

It's that time of year again: school time. I'm teaching first grade this year, and it amazed me that we lasted the first week without any sicknesses being spread! That first year, really does help build immunity. The other thing that I know helps in my classroom is my oil diffusing, and personally, my daily oil routine keeps me healthy and energized for the day.

Loyalty Rewards Program

One of the things I love about doTERRA is how many different deals and discounts they have. From 25% off wholesale for Independent Product Consultants to free oils for qualifying purchases, doTERRA makes it easy to build up my essential oil collection. One of the amazing programs they have where you can benefit regularly from these discounts is the Loyalty Rewards Program

Where to Buy Essential Oils

Where to Buy Essential Oils

I (Tabitha) am so thrilled you are ready to embark on this amazing journey with us. You will soon become one of many who are able to share how essential oils have made an impact in your life. I have been using them for over three years and have never regretted my first purchase! Below you will find contact information so I can help you get set up with whatever will best fit your needs.

DIY Cleaning Products - Chemical Free

As I begin to get ready to become a homemaker, my research on chemical free cleaning supplies has moved up on my to do list. I have found since using essential oils, my interest about gluten free eating, and a more naturally healthy lifestyle has grown. I ordered some glass spray bottles from, and got out my essential oils to help put together some natural, environment healthy, successful working cleaning sprays

Essential Oils and Stomach Bugs

Is there anything worse than vomit? I don't think there is. I have an irrational fear of it. If I hear the noise of it or see it happen in a movie, my stomach clenches, and I start to feel sick. One of the biggest things I was afraid of when I became a teacher was having to deal with this up close and personal.

Fighting Sickness with Essential Oils

Flu season is upon us. I dread the very mention of it. For some reason, I always associate it with December, but every year I seem to have students that start getting sick in January. On Tuesday I had a student absent who returned the next day to tell me, "Miss Neal, I wasn't here yesterday because I threw up." A voice inside my head was screaming, "Then why are you here today!?"

Essential Oils, Headaches, & Migraines

As a high stress person who thrives on busyness and being an overachiever, I have been plagued with something known as chronic tension headaches. Basically, it's a stress-induced headache with a throbbing in the temples mostly and often at the base of the neck. I have had tension headaches every day since about college. Because they were a daily occurrence, I just accepted them and learned to live with the pain. Ibuprofin used to work, but their frequency lead to an inability to do anything more than dull the throb. That is...until I was introduced to essential oils. I've mentioned before of my skepticism when trying the oils, but the first time I tried them, I got instant results in all three areas I was attempting to heal. One of those areas was my tension headache.

Essential Oils and Exercise

I had never done hot yoga before, but after researching it I discovered that the toxin release is huge. I worried about being left weak afterwards because I'm sure there's plenty of toxins in my body since I [ahem] never work out. I immediately thought of my Lemon Essential Oil. That has always been the one I've heard referred to as helping release toxins. It's why it's used in cleaning a lot.