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A Kindergarten Perspective on Love

Tabitha Helms

For Valentine's Day, I always ask my students to tell me how they know their parents love each other. I love hearing what they say and thought I'd let you in on what my 5 and 6 year olds notice about how their parents communicate love. Enjoy!

I know my mom and dad love each other because....

"They laugh together."

"They got married."

"They're really happy about getting stuff done at the house."

"They go to bed together."

"They kiss a lot."

"They kiss when they come home."

"They go out on a date."

"They love going on the log ride at Knott's Berry Farm with me."

"When my dad comes they give hugs and kisses."


Kids notice how your relationship is going, and although they may squirm and giggle to tell their teacher that their parents kiss and go on dates, I know it brings each one a sense of security to know Mom and Dad are still in love and still care about each other. 

Happy Valentine's Day!