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Reading and Writing with Mobile Devices

Tabitha Helms

Although I have been very busy setting up my house since returning from the honeymoon, I carved out some time to attend a couple lectures on writing in the classroom. Most of the content was geared for upper elementary and older grades, so it wasn't quite as helpful for me, but there was still a lot of great information covered. I especially liked this seminar by Jo-Ann Fox because I always love learning about new apps and seeing how to use them in the classroom. Most of these apps were for a classroom that has iPads for the students to use. You can take a look at the slideshow I created to see what was covered and maybe get some new ideas for yourself, just click the picture below.

Reading and Writing with Mobile Devices Slideshow

Reading and Writing with Mobile Devices

Teaching with Technology: Behavior Management

Tabitha Helms

I like technology. I like how it makes my life easier and more organized. I like how many things there are available to us through technology. I also (somewhat begrudgingly) admit that I like how my fiancé has transformed me into a Mac nerd. I may be a little late to the ball game, but I'm enjoying learning more and more about it.

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