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Teaching from Home - Career Update

Tabitha Helms

option for teachers who also wanted to be home with their kids. It sounded amazing, and I tucked the info away for later. When the following spring came around, I jumped on EdJoin and looked up every single school that had an opening and looked up if it was the kind of position I could do from home. In all the listings, there were only about 5 that fit the bill and that I applied to.

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Sports Theme Student Binder Covers {FREEBIE!}

Tabitha Helms

I'm so excited to teach 2nd grade next year! I've had the summer to search for ideas and I'm really looking forward to implementing some new things. 

An especially fun part is the DECORATING! Who doesn't love that part of teaching?!? (Stressful, yes. But fun, nonetheless!) I decided to do a sports theme this year, which may surprise you because I hate sports. Haha. But for a classroom, I LOVE the idea of teamwork, which can be totally vamped in the classroom setting. 

Take a look at some things I've been creating and buying (thanks Hubby!) for my students, and for your free download T.E.A.M. Binder Cover.

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