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Teaching from Home - Career Update

Tabitha Helms

Hey everyone, it’s been two years since my last post on teaching. Crazy. But I’ve got a good reason—babies! Haha. Two years ago, Judah was born the weekend before my last week of school. I was trying so hard to make it through that last week! Thankfully, I had prepped everything amazingly for my last minute sub.

I had always wanted to be a stay at home mom, but having Judah just after completing my 5th year of teaching, (which is when as a teacher you have finally “arrived” and now are given the benefit of the doubt that you know what you’re doing) I wasn’t sure I was ready to give up my career just yet. We decided that I should take a year off and see what happened.

When I was pregnant, a friend of mine told me about the charter school for homeschool families option. She had been “teaching” in that capacity for 8 years, and said it was a great option for teachers who also wanted to be home with their kids. It sounded amazing, and I tucked the info away for later. When the following spring came around, I jumped on EdJoin and looked up every single school that had an opening and looked up if it was the kind of position I could do from home. In all the listings, there were only about 5 that fit the bill and that I applied to.

I heard back from 1 school.

I proceeded to complete the 3 steps of the interview process—phone interview, project, and panel interview. It was the most peaceful and seamless interview process I’ve ever done, and I was so impressed with the school and the people that I met. Oh, and I got the job!

Teaching Positions for Stay at Home Parents {}

I am now in my 2nd year as a teacher in San Diego County with a charter school that helps homeschool families. My job involves a lot of paperwork, juggling when to be present with my kids and when to maximize my computer time to meet deadlines, and meeting in person with each of my students every 20 days, but I really love it. It’s grown me and challenged me, but it’s been a huge blessing! I love the support my school gives me, I love that I get to be around for my kids, and I love learning more about homeschooling, as it’s always been our plan to do that!

Because of this shift in job position, I will no longer be talking about what I do in the classroom on this page of my blog. Starting next year, I will be homeschooling our oldest through preschool so you can dive into my journey with that. I have my sights set on Playing Preschool by Busy Toddler—a blogger whom I’ve been avidly following since wanting to have more intentional play with my kids.

Homeschool Preschool {}

Stay tuned for what’s to come as I become a homeschool parent!