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Sports Theme Student Binder Covers {FREEBIE!}

Tabitha Helms

I'm so excited to teach 2nd grade next year! I've had the summer to search for ideas and I'm really looking forward to implementing some new things. 

An especially fun part is the DECORATING! Who doesn't love that part of teaching?!? (Stressful, yes. But fun, nonetheless!) I decided to do a sports theme this year, which may surprise you because I hate sports. Haha. But for a classroom, I LOVE the idea of teamwork, which can be totally vamped in the classroom setting. 

Take a look at some things I've been creating and buying (thanks Hubby!) for my students. 

I bought a cute, new class jobs poster off Amazon. 

Baseball Diamond Class Jobs Poster

I got some good ideas from Mrs. Miner's Teaching Blog for some new class jobs of things that I usually do myself and often run out of time for or do inconsistently,

Class Job Ideas

I bought some Carson Dellosa, sports ball bulletin board borders, also from Amazon. 

Sports Theme Bulletin Board Borders

I found a $3 basketball stress ball toy that I was thinking of using to toss to students to answer questions--getting them to participate in class discussion more. 

Some other non-sports related things I'm looking forward to this year is Class Dojo...

So many great ideas on Pinterest to use a point based system with rewards f

So many great ideas on Pinterest to use a point based system with rewards f

Dice in Greenco mini food containers to keep them from rolling everywhere...

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 3.29.29 PM.png

Coin envelopes to glue in the back of their journals for cut pieces they didn't finish gluing in before time ran out...

Coin Envelopes in Journals for Unglued Pieces

These cute schedule card freebies from Schroeder's Shenanigans in 2nd...

Click the picture to get your schedule cards!

Click the picture to get your schedule cards!

I may also use a BLURT chart this year; many of the students have a hard time keeping their comments to themselves in this particular group, so that may curb that bad habit. Teaching and Tapas had a great idea for using Minute to Win It games for those that didn't use up their blurts. I love MtWi in the class. They're quick and easy and usually use supplies you have on hand. 

I also purchased a Student Data Book file from Educents that I love. It helps the students to keep a record of how they've done on tests and other academic goals and to showcase their progress each quarter. They bring it come to conference with their parents, and their parents sign and return it to class. I love this as a preface to report cards; it gives parents a heads-up about what to expect. It took forever to print them all and bind them in the binding machine, but they came out really nice!

And Homeworkopoly for some extra accountability of completing (and turning in) homework daily. Ladybug's Teacher Files even had a CUTE, free printout of the board and cards! I was planning to create my own on a poster board, but I was thrilled to find hers with cute clip art and colors included. Saved me about 2 hours of creating time too!

Click the picture to download yours from her blog!

Click the picture to download yours from her blog!

And here it is without further ado! Your FREEBIE from me! T.E.A.M. take-home binder covers for your own personal use.

Click the image to download your copy!

Click the image to download your copy!