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Classroom Sneak Peak!

Tabitha Helms

Only a month overdue, but I finally took some pictures of my 2nd grade classroom make-over! One of the challenges I have with moving up to the next grade level this year is that I'm in the same classroom with a lot of my same students. I really wanted them to have a different experience for second grade than they had last year in first, so I spend *ahem* a lot of money this summer getting new supplies to make it a fun space for us all. Take a look!

Classroom Reveal!

My "Meet the Teacher" group table for Daily 5 and Math Stations. These fabulous stools were $5 at Ikea! Behind them you can see some star patterned floor pillows that I made for my Table of the week. You can also see the student computer (and also the one I use to project on the board) for Accelerated Reader test taking, and Class Dojo point giving. 

Classroom Reveal

Our job chart for the week that I rotate around. My most helpful job has been Homework Checker. Homework Checker is in charge of calling students up at the end of the week to play Homeworkopoly while the class is working on Class Dojo behavior reflections and while I'm calling students to buy prize coupons with their earned Dojo points. It's been a great system. This is also where my document camera is, my listening center takes place, and my behavior penalty binder for students that have gotten Strike 1 or more during the day to let their parents know. 

Sports Theme Classroom Reveal!

I love this bulletin board! I saw this idea on Pinterest for anchor chart display, and LOVED it. I can make my anchor charts ahead of time, and hang them up on top of the old chart as we learn new things. It's a great reminder, and reference for the students. My bulletin boards are all lined with that cute sports ball border. I also have my birthday cupcakes lining this wall and my table for behavior warning cards, koosh balls to throw out to participating students to answer questions, popsicle sticks for random student calling, and white board markers. 

Sports Theme Classroom Reveal

Here's the front of the classroom with my white board that has my daily schedule, color codes for subject-specific workbooks when students need to take them out, and our Bible story cards for the week. On the wall I have our School-Wide Learner Outcomes, a stool I painted with a baseball seat, and my blurt chart fashioned after "My Mouth is a Volcano" to cut down on students blurting out in class. If they have one volcano left by the end of the week, they get to play a Minute to Win It game. 

Sports Theme Classroom Reveal!

This is where the students play Homeworkopoly and keep their daily binders. I store my papers for the month, have my Teacher Editions, picture books, and papers for the week. There is also a drawer of sharpened pencils for students to grab from so they're not sharpening during the day, and their textbooks and table boxes are here in which they have their Writing Folders and Data Books. The white tub on the ground is for library books that are ready to be returned.

Sports Theme Classroom Reveal!

Trips to the bathroom during class have been greatly reduced this year! They get one bathroom pass a week that needs to be put in the Return bin if they use it, and at the end of the week if they haven't had to return it, it's entered in a raffle for Class Dojo points. I award three students weekly for being responsible with their outside time and using the restroom. If students have to go more than once during class, they lose a Dojo point for each additional trip, and they're not allowed to go until they've finished working on their current assignment. 

Daily 5 Rotation Cards

Each student has a color coordinated name card for Daily 5. They stay in the same spot on the pocket chart, and I rotate the center cards. There are 3-5 activities for each center and they get to choose which one they do. If they didn't finish an activity last time, they have to finish it next time. 

Math Station Choices

Students get to choose which math stations they work on each day. We do three rotations daily--one with me and the other two are specified by the numbers they put their name next to. When the students have finished a station, they write the date down on their station checklist so they know which ones they've already done. If they're in a 2 player group, they must play with someone that's in the same color coordinated group as they are. The colors change each math chapter based on their scores from the pre-test. 

Sports Theme Classroom Reveal!

I love my sports theme bulletin board with my class rules! I also love these cubbies that I had in kindergarten to store their papers from the week as I grade them. The binders on top are a collection of work they've done during the school year that will go home with them at the end. In the brown folder, I keep papers to file for parent helpers that come in.

Sports Theme Classroom Reveal

This is my reading corner, which I have mixed feelings about. I know a lot of teachers have these blocked off spaces, and the students LOVE them. But I hate that I can't see whoever is in there when I'm on the opposite side of the room; I just hear random voices and have to call out "Whoever is in the reading corner needs to use a whisper voice!" Haha. My books are leveled with the Accelerated Reader Program, and the baskets hold oversized books that won't fit in the tubs. 

Sports Theme Classroom Reveal!

Here is my math stations cart for the students to get their supplies from, and the bigger cart has oversized supplies that won't fit for math stations and Daily 5. The pocket chart has my Dojo reward coupons that they can purchase with their points. 

Sports Theme Classroom Reveal!

Here are all my Daily 5 center supplies and my Bible story felt board. My Bible curriculum only gives me one picture card to use, and I think the students really enjoy having another scene created for them each week to understand their story better. The red baskets hold extra lined paper and scratch paper and Daily 5 checklists.

Sports Theme Classroom Reveal!

I was really excited about this Writer's Workshop pack I bought on Teachers Pay Teachers, but I am still trying to figure out ways we can incorporate writing more. They do W.W. at least twice a week, but I don't like that it happens during Daily 5 when I don't have time to help them along with their writing and listen to them read their stories. 

Sports Theme Classroom Reveal!

Here is where we have morning meeting. I change the date on the board daily, but we don't always complete the number of the day activities. I usually do that once a week. Other days we review morning work, play a game, share a story, make a class tally, etc. It's a great way to start our day. The clipboards are where the students keep their Daily 5 and Math Stations checklists to mark off when they've completed something. They also keep their unfinished center time work on them. 

Sports Theme Classroom Reveal!

And last but not least, here is where I spend most of my prep periods! It is currently quite clean with few papers on it--surprisingly! I also have a file cabinet with math homework, student files, and extra forms I need to keep handy. My crayon wreath on the wall was my project for when I was getting married and changing my name. The small desk next to mine is where I check homework being completed and has a crate on it for students to turn in their work. And the bulletin board has baseball painted clothespins holding student work.

So there you have it! This is my home away from home during the school year. I'm very pleased with how it all came together. Now I just need to work on keeping up with the new workload!