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Teaching Memories 2012-2013 School Year

Tabitha Helms

a normal occurrence the first week of school:look at clock after getting ready for bed, "8:00?!?! Are you kidding! I thought for sure it was 10pm already! I feel like I could sleep for a year!"

Me: "Do you know what it's called that you just did?" Student: "Stealing." Me: "Yes. Is stealing a good thing or a bad thing?" Student: "Bad." Me: "Why?" Student: "Because the policemen will come get you."

that moment of panic when you think parent teacher conferences are this week, only to realize you wrote it on your calendar a week early. phew!

Student: "Miss Neal, do you know what I'm doing for my birthday?" Me: "No, tell me what you're doing for your birthday!" Student: "I'm going to Disneyland! And YOU'RE invited!" Me: "I am?! I LOVE Disneyland!" (my students tell me they're going to disneyland practically every weekend. I never can tell who really is.)

note to self: kindergartners don't take anything seriously when they are wearing pajamas...themselves OR their teacher.


first one of the year yesterday...."Miss Neal, is Santa real?"

i find it quite amazing that EVERYONE'S stomach suddenly hurts during rest the exact same time no less! it may be important to note that my students very much dislike rest time.

you know you're a teacher when your day off is spent choreographing for the school musical, writing sub plans, and catching up on graduate program homework.

moaning student: "Miss Neal, my tummy hurts." me: "Go to the bathroom." completely transformed, skips happily out of the classroom. it's been one of those weeks.

after doing a variety of 100 day activities like touching their toes and jumping 100 times, it was declared, "Miss Neal, you're a lot more fun than I thought you were!"

100th Day_25

LOVED starting Valentine's Day raising my voice in worship to my Love with the teachers I work with and the students I teach. amazing way to begin my day!


between Pinterest and TeachersPayTeachers, i officially have a problem planning way more teaching activities than i can realistically accomplish.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 5.35.25 PM

Upon opening the door this morning: "Oooooooh! Miss Neal, you're beautiful! You look like a princess. You look like you're going to get married today. You look like Belle! Why are you dressed so pretty today?"


you know it's field trip day when you get an email from a parent driver first thing in the morning requesting a change to the car assignments that you already labored over yesterday and copied to have ready to go today.

"Miss Neal, remember what you told me about no kissing at school?" "Yes..." "Well, I forgot and accidentally kissed Lauren today."

"MIss Neal, you look beautiful. You look like you're going on a date with Reagan tonight!"


me: *opening the door to let the kids in student: "Miss Neal, you look tired, you should've taken the day off!" me: "great. thanks..."

"Miss Neal, God just said to me 'You can touch the world and I love you. Love is put on your side,' and He touched my shoulder."

just heard one of my students say, "when my mom has 10 kids..." wonder if mom knows about this

one boy was impersonating Christian Bale's Batman voice while another was exclaiming "oh my Christmas nuts!" never a dull moment with a classroom full of boys!