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First Year, Thirtieth Week: Teaching Edition

Tabitha Helms

This week the kids learned an abbreviated version of the 10 commandments. Overall, they did pretty well with it. You'd be amazed how much their young minds can memorize! We worked on a book about trees for Earth Day and made a cool earth craft with their hand prints on top of a writing prompt about their personal Earth Day promise. I've noticed a significant jump in their ability to write complete sentences independently. They're no longer clinging to asking me how to spell everything. They try to sound things out on their own, and they're doing it quite well! I've been able to read pretty much everyone's sentences.

On Friday, I had a substitute come in for half the day so I could go to Speech Meet at Tri-City Christian School. It was fun seeing some of my old teachers and catching up with them. I had lunch with my 2nd grade teacher--the woman who inspired me most to become a teacher. My 5th grade teacher trained me in tabulating the judges score cards. My former summer camp boss was hosting the room I was working in. It was a fun time. I was proud of myself for my quick math skills too--double checking all my answers under pressure, knowing that everyone was waiting for me to finish so they could hear their results.

I got a sore throat this weekend. I'm not happy about it. It doesn't matter that I was expecting it to happen soon. I'm still feeling miserable! I guess I'm overdo...I haven't been sick since January.

Open House is getting closer. I'm starting to freak out a little. There seems to be so many little parts to it, and I'm having a hard time keeping up with what I'm responsible for, and how to inform others of what needs to be done. I wrote up a flyer about it to send home to my parents this week. My boyfriend and I spent a few hours this weekend painting a double sided poster for the parade. I bought a Curious George stamp for the students to get on their bookmarks as they pass through our classroom. I bought a carnival photo banner to hang up in the classroom. The kids will be drawing Curious George and decorating carnival booths to decorate the classroom with.