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First Year, Twenty Eighth Week: Teaching Edition

Tabitha Helms

I'm on spring break! That's the good news. The bad news is, my brain has officially turned off, and I can't remember a thing that happened last week! Haha. We'll just have to do some bullet points on this week of the few things that do stick out in my mind. - We made a toilet paper resurrection craft that I found on Pinterest. It was similar to one we did at Christmastime. The kids loved it.

- I had a couple parents come in and read Dr. Seuss books to them to finish out the month.

- We've moved on to doing subtraction flashcards and subtracting without pictures. It's taking them longer to pick up on this. I have several students that protest when we do flashcards, "I don't know." "I can't do it." "They're going too fast." So they don't even try. But we had some break throughs for a few students when I worked with them one on one for their worksheets.

- Report cards were finished and sent out.

- I invited my class to my church's Easter carnival this weekend. I had a few say they were going to come! I'm dong facepainting this year. It will be fun to see them there and paint their cute little faces!

- A parent told me they were debating taking their kids out of the school for various reasons. I'll be really really sad if they do. Their family is the greatest, and the mom helps in my class. She's been one of my biggest encouragers this first year and has meant a lot to me.

- We have been looking at some paintings in one of my Big Books that goes with my Language Arts curriculum. I was a Liberal Studies major in college and a third of what I studied was art. I learned how to ask questions about different works of art and how to analyze them--trying to figure out the reason the artist did what they did. I was fascinated by some of the discussion that my kindergartners had about these pieces of fine art! Five year olds are very perceptive! We answer 4 questions: What does it make you feel? What do you like/dislike about it? What does it make you think about? and What's interesting about it? We looked at one painting called "The Constructionists" that had a lot of bright, loud colors, several lines going every which way, and a very robotic look to the people. My kids picked up on all those things. They said it made them feel scared because it was loud. They said the lines were interesting. They said it made them think about Transformers. We looked at another one that was a portrait of three women playing music. I believe it was from the Renaissance era. They told me it makes them feel sleepy (dull, soft colors). They said the instruments and the clothes were interesting (different from what's around today). It made them wonder who the people were. I was thrilled by the end of our discussion. All this stuff I had to learn in college, some of my kids could already figure out. My background in art allowed me to explain why they were feeling and thinking those things, but I was still so proud of what they came up with.

Now it's spring break! I got my grading out of the way on Saturday, and went into work for a couple hours yesterday to change seating charts, bulletin boards, and broken crayons. But now that that is finished, I'm able to enjoy hanging out with people and relaxing. I'm looking forward to the carnival this weekend and having all my family together for Easter Sunday. :)