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A Day in the Life of Miss Neal

Tabitha Helms

Today is Sunday--one of my two days off per week. But believe it or not, my idea of "resting" has a lot to do with teaching. Just thought I'd give you a glimpse on a typical day off for Miss Neal! (Usually these things happen on Saturdays, but I was sick all day yesterday. :( So today I had to play catch-up.) 8:30am - body clock wakes me up even though I've covered my blinds with two layers of blankets to keep it dark and to keep me sleeping.

9am - shower and get ready for church

10:30am - go to Generation Church and happily see friends I haven't seen in a while before settling down to learn something new that I never considered before. (Today it was the fact that Joseph and Nicodemus prepared Jesus' body for burial even though Pharisees weren't allowed to do that--it would make them unclean. Never really considered the risk they were taking!)

12pm - go to Michaels for craft supplies needed this week (Today that was colored pony beads to use for making salvation story bracelets and plastic easter eggs for a phonics center idea I found on Pinterest. I also got supplies to make this awesome resurrection garden that I also found on Pinterest.)

12:45pm - go to Target to get white cardstock for printing game cards to laminate and use for new, phonics centers

1:20pm - leave Target to go to Walmart after not finding what I needed at Target. :(

1:45 - return library books about St. Patrick's Day and deposit my paycheck at the bank.

2:15pm - finally get home loaded with shopping bags

2:40pm - make a resurrection garden of my own, and feel oddly pleased about having potting soil all over my hands--it's the feeling of creativity, I think.

3:15pm - locate files and print all the cardstock games to prep for school this week. Research my saved craft projects for something I could possibly work on at the craft night tomorrow at church. (Only found sewing projects that need doing...not sure if I want to lug my sewing machine down with me.)

3:30pm - watch The Blindside while meticulously cutting and gluing CVC words and pictures to 3x5 cards, cut out CVC word bones for a phonics "operation" center, and cut out calendar cards for the month of March.

5:30pm - eat leftovers for dinner and boil eggs for lunches this week.

6pm - shower

6:30pm - write CVC words on plastic Easter eggs, sort pony beads into individual, plastic Easter eggs, create a document for extra sight word practice that I preferred to make myself instead of paying to use someone else's document, look up the meaning of the salvation bead colors, find out what ingredients were needed to make glow in the dark slime for science centers this week, email my parent helpers to say I wouldn't need them this week, and watch Once Upon a Time with my parents.

9:30pm - write a blog about my day

10pm - make tomorrow's lunch, pack my car, and pick out tomorrow's outfit.

10:20pm - quiet down with God for some Bible reading, Jesus Calling, Pure, and my prayer journal.

It's been a very productive day, and I'm stoked about some of the new things I found to do with my kids in class. But man! I'm worn out! Sometimes my weekends don't seem like weekends.