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First Year, Twenty First Week: Teaching Edition

Tabitha Helms

This week was nothing compared to last week, but it did have its moments. Luckily for me, God's got my back. I'm so touched to look back on this week and see the many, many small ways that God chose to bless me--to remind me that He hasn't forgotten me, that I'm not alone, and that He loves me. On Monday, my friend surprised me by stopping by with Starbucks.

On Tuesday, my kinders were well behaved even though it was a rainy day schedule. (That's never happened before!)

On Wednesday, I had extra time in my morning because we didn't have staff devotionals, so I had time to check my FB. Waiting for me was a really nice message from another teacher friend of mine who had lots of sympathy, encouragement, and suggestions for what I'm facing. It really meant a lot. I got a sweet message from my best friend, who called me at lunch, and another friend sent me the happiest looking flowers in the world. I also got a text from my worship leader asking me to sing at church this week--my joy. And to top it off, I got a haircut. Always feels good to shed some layers.

On Thursday, we had Vocabulary Dress Up Day. I always like dressing up! My principal also came in for my observation. She came in when my kids were actively engaged in writing words on their individual white boards. They were all perfect angels--they weren't talking over me, and I was able to call out specific students' names with encouragement of the good job they were doing. It was a good time for that to happen, and a weight off my chest that she wasn't going to come in and observe next week when it's Kindergarten Crazy Week. I got to end the night playing a fun new game at small group for our party night.

On Friday, other than being Friday, I got a nice email from the second-year teacher from my school. This is the same girl whom I was wondering how she could do so much. She made herself human, by sharing she's overwhelmed weekly by how much there is to do, and letting me know that she was there if I ever needed to vent or just hangout with another new teacher. I also got an email from my best friend, who was overflowing with excitement about what God is teaching her. Her enthusiasm was contagious. I ended the workday with a surprise visit from a friend who just got back from deployment. When I got home, my mom had made my favorite dinner. Yum yum!

So even though teaching has had its frustrating moments, and I'm still really stoked that it's the weekend, it's nice that God gives me what I need to keep me going.