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You Know You're a Teacher when...

Tabitha Helms

You know you're a teacher when.... - You have paper cuts all over your fingers. - You are singing at worship practice and look down to see blue fingerpaint smeared across your arm. - The word "accreditation" gives you a panic attack. - You get excited about empty tissue boxes because you know they can be transformed into awesome Valentine mailboxes. - You have an emotional breakdown at least once per quarter. - You start counting down until President's Day Weekend the day you get back from Christmas Break. - Your iPod has songs about counting money, the names of the 12 disciples, and telling time on it. - You bribe your students to be good while the principal comes in to observe you teaching them. - You spend time on Pinterest looking for fun things to do on the 100th day of school. - You pray that each parent who walks through your classroom on a tour will choose to send their child there so that you have a higher chance of having a job next year.