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First Year, Fourteenth Week: Teaching Edition

Tabitha Helms

Last week I could feel that Christmas was coming. Do you know how? My kids were CRAZY! Oh my goodness. I thought they were bad at Halloween time. Geez. Aside from the management frustration, it was a positive week. I had a lot of good communication happening with my kids' parents, which was nice. I could feel the relief on both ends. It's nice to feel supported by them and it's nice to know that I've done something for them that was appreciated. I got a note from one with a graph her daughter made. We had been learning graphing all week. Apparently when she went home one night, she went around with her paper and pen and asked everyone in the house what their favorite color was and then graphed the information before proclaiming that the "winningest color" was red. Nice to know my teaching is sticking!

We finished making our parent Christmas gifts. I took them home and baked them for about 2 hours before I was finally satisfied that they were hard enough! Then I mod podged them and tied on ribbons. The paint was a little dark, so I mixed some lighter shades and painted over just their hand print so that it showed up. I brought them back to school and had them write their names and the dates on them.

I also had my meeting with the principal about my observation. I got all 3s and 4s like I'm supposed to. That was nice. She didn't say anything negatively either. She asked me what I thought I could improve on. I said grading objectively was really hard, and knowing what else to do for my kids who don't have a lot of help at home.

It was my turn to lead devotions for the staff on Friday. It went really well! Usually I have a hard time talking for 15 minutes straight, but I spent all night before preparing and had a million different things. I made muffins, got almonds and apples, printed out some things from to go with my talk on being thankful, brought my Bible and Jesus Calling, and used a blog post my friend Sarah sent to me last week when I was feeling frustrated about some changes in my life. Everyone gave me lots of positive feedback, and one of the teachers asked for a copy of what I read to them. :) Another one told me, "You are just so precious. I'm just sitting here thinking, 'Her parents must be so proud of her.'"

My students were very loving all week. Trying to make up for their craziness I suppose. ;) I had so many hugs and declarations of love for me. It was very sweet to hear. I do love teaching kindergarten.

My weekend was SUPER productive. I finished up the salt dough ornaments, wrapped Christmas gifts for my parent helpers and staff, jarred fresh pesto, wrote a million Christmas cards, printed pictures, prepped a manger scene craft for next week, baked two kinds of cookies for their goody bags at our Christmas party, baked a cake that looks like baby Jesus for our Christmas party, stuffed envelopes with class Christmas pictures for all the parents, sang at church, learned my Christmas Eve performance song, did all my grading, decorated our Christmas tree, watched a couple movies, and had a skype date with my best friend. I finished every single thing on my To Do list. Now that's what I call a good weekend!