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You Know You're a Teacher When...

Tabitha Helms

You know you're a teacher when your week off of school consists of:- going to seminars at ACSI Convention in Anaheim about how to be a better teacher - sleeping - finding new projects to make - going to school to change bulletin boards - buying Christmas decorations to put in the classroom - making nativity finger puppets out of felt - counting and sorting M&Ms to make sure each child gets enough of each color for a wreath craft - learning how to make Borax snowflake crystals - buying easels for the classroom on Black Friday - making nativity scenes out of toilet paper rolls - sewing ornaments for class parents - threading cotton balls on string to look like snow hanging from the ceiling - making example crafts for centers next week - furiously reading an enjoyment book to make sure it's done before school starts again - seeing all the friends you never have time to see - making to do lists on the back of a receipt of what needs to be done in the class before the kids return while waiting at a restaurant for a friend to come - grading journals on Thanksgiving - putting your sister, whom you never see since she moved out, to work pulling out Scholastic Magazines to send home next week - spending your Saturday in the classroom since the school was closed at the end of the week when you were in town

That's what I did on Thanksgiving Break!