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What? I'm a teacher?!?!

Tabitha Helms

There's these moments as a teacher that hit me and say, "Oh my gosh, you're actually a teacher. Just look at all these things you're doing!" I had a couple of those moments today. Once when I was on a mad dash to the bathroom--don't get much chance for that ever. I was struck again by how natural teaching was to me. I was just doing it. There was no second thought to what I needed to do. It was just here, and I was taking it all in a stride. I think I've been doing pretty good at it too. Of course, there are days that I'd like to give up or even try to have a do-over, but the majority of what I'm doing is great if I do say so myself. It's fun to see the growth in the kids--the ones who couldn't do patterns at first are now AB-ing it up. The ones who failed the first math test are now passing them with flying colors. It's encouraging.

The other time I got hit with this realization today was when I received my staff t-shirt. I got a weird "whoa" feeling when I saw the word "staff" on the front to differentiate mine from a student's. I thought of wearing it and matching with all the other teachers. I was one of them. Weird.

It's definitely a strange feeling to have a career. It's even stranger and more exhilarating when that career is one hand picked for you by God who detoured you from your other plans in order to lead you to this path. It's exciting to me that I made it to the correct place, that God's hand is on me, and that I have this natural gift to fulfill this purpose He intended for me.