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You Know You're A Teacher When...

Tabitha Helms

You know you're a teacher when -you sit in the waiting room at Urgent Care cutting out boy/girl silhouettes and gluing them to construction paper

-you spend your day off getting excited about new teaching ideas you discovered on

-you lie in bed unable to sleep because your head is zooming while you sing different tunes that you might be able to use to teach this week's Bible verse

-you're dead tired at 9pm

-you stay at school prepping until 5pm and then bring another 2 hours worth of work home with you

-you get so distracted at lunchtime getting things ready for next period that you look at the clock to discover you only have 5 minutes and you still haven't sat down to eat yet

-you buy 16 books in one sitting at Borders because they're going out of business and everything is half price

-you have the unique ability to think on your feet to change your lesson when things aren't going as they should

-you laminate anything and everything

-you stand in line at the grocery store next to the mom with the kid who is running in circles, bumping into you, and yelling at the top of his lungs and it takes everything within you to not correct his behavior

-you always stop at the school supply section of the store and pep talk yourself why you don't need to buy anything today

-you are addicted to using hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes

-your social life is reduced to one outing a week where you leave early because you're eyelids are drooping and you're afraid you'll start snoring if you stay one second longer

-you can never have enough stickers

-you have sworn off having children for at least 15 years

I'm sure I'll be adding to this list throughout the year....