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Getting Ready to Teach

Tabitha Helms

Three weeks from today I will be staring at a roomful of 17 students. I got my unofficial class list and mailed welcome postcards last week. I've been researching crafts and activities for the first week of school. I'm still being given supplies and books for my classroom that need to be organized, though I'm out of room in my closet! I am still in need of craft supplies...I have googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and construction paper, and that's about it. If anyone has things like beads, popsicle sticks, yarn, foam sheets or shapes, gems, felt, or pom-poms that you'd like to unload on me, I am a very willing victim! I am supposed to get keys this week and be able to at least organize my furniture. I purchased four pairs of pants since I can't wear dresses every single day like I wish I could, and four new tops that are girly, modest, and brightly colored. I also picked out an emergency outfit to keep in my classroom just in case there are paint spills, puke, or any other unexpected accident. I watched videos on how to teach children to tie their shoes, and finished going through my Open Court curriculum training dvds. I move into my room all next week and plan to be there 8am-4pm every day (if anyone wants to come by and help!) ;) After move-in week, I have teacher in-service days where I'll be meeting with all the staff, having orientation, devotions and book talks, CPR training, kindergarten orientation to meet the kids and parents, and meetings with younger grade teachers. Then a long weekend is in store before getting started on my school year. It's flying by, and I'm overwhelmed when I think of the large scale picture of how much there is to prepare still. I'm desperately trying to take one day at a time to keep my sanity, and to not worry that everything is not completed right this second.