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Kinder Memories Part 4

Tabitha Helms

The holidays are an INSANE time for teachers I have discovered. I am overloaded with teaching about every holiday known to man, making gifts for parents, finishing the alphabet, getting up to the number 20, and practicing for our holiday performance. It's nuts on top of my social life that includes 5 Christmas parties and a gazillion babysitting jobs (which I am thankful for by the way). Tonight I planned my final week of lessons (thank goodness!) because I have a meeting tomorrow and then babysitting, a staff Christmas party and then a women's ministry event Thursday, and baking and an Ugly Christmas Party on Friday. No time for planning any other day I'm afraid. I kept tearing up while planning though because I realized that this will be the last time that I see my kids. In these 8 weeks I have fallen in love with their little faces and mannerisms. I have learned how easily I have taken on the role of "teacher," as if it were meant for me. I have committed to memory the funny and sweet moments I have had with them. I'm sure I'll be back to sub in their class, but then they will grow up and become first graders. Such is life. We live and love and grow up and move on. I'm sad to say good-bye.

Some memories from today that warmed my teacher heart:

A student’s mom was helping in the class today, and as I let the students in we were chatting in the doorway. She said, “[My daughter] just loves you. She comes home and you're all she talks about. She says, 'I want to be a singer because Miss Neal is a singer and she has a beautiful voice.'"

A little boy in my class gave me a huge hug before he ran off to go home. His mom took me aside and said, "Every now and then, I ask [my son] which girl in the class is his favorite, and he always says, 'Miss Neal!'"

We were practicing our holiday songs for our performance next week, and one of the girls raised her had in that cute way little kids do when they are just bursting to tell you something. I called on her, and she said, "I think you sing really pretty," to which I responded, "I think you all sing really pretty!" I've been so proud of how well they've learned our holiday songs for our performance. I have a few more hand motions to think up for 2 of the songs to help them with remembering the words. I'll be glad for Thursday when we can finally do it, it is just as exhausting as rehearsing for a show as I've done in the past.

Love my little ones. I have an adorable video of them saying what they're thankful for, if you'd like to see it, send me an email. :)