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Kinder Memories Part 2

Tabitha Helms

Teaching has been incredibly draining. I come home and collapse on the bed. I have no energy to do anything, which is unfortunate because it led to a day like today where I had to get everything done since I didn't do it during the week. My day was quite productive though....slept in until my dog's barking woke me up, finished TPA 2, cleaned out my closet and rearranged it, did laundry, practiced piano, cooked tuna salad and baked chocolate peanut butter cookies (chocolate and peanut butter are both important necessities when working on a TPA), dusted and vacuumed, hammered a nail in the wall to have a place to hang my belts, wrapped a present, filed my papers, worked on my budget, made a couple important phone calls, and emailed my supervising teacher about some things I'm noticing I have trouble with in our class. I love being productive, but I hate when the weather is gloomy when I do it because it seems to take twice as long to finish everything.

Some of my tiredness is probably due to my attempt to have a life outside of school. I don't think I ever fully caught up on sleep after my project-filled Halloween weekend. Then I packed in accountability in the jacuzzi for my poor, tired body, small group where I tried my hardest to keep my mind focused on what was being said when I really just wanted to go to bed at 8pm and never wake up, a trip to San Diego to purchase my bridesmaid dress for my best friend's wedding, a surprise visit from my sister, babysitting, and dressing up as Cinderella for a four-year-old's princess party. Let's just say that I'm really glad I get an extra hour of sleep tonight. Next week isn't any less busy with Dad and Mom's birthdays, singing at church, a church potluck, babysitting, hairstyling, small group, accountability, and lesson planning. I'm told that the exhaustion will soon wear off and I'll settle into my new role as teacher. I was very glad to hear that. I don't know if I was going to be able to stick with this career if I felt like this every single day. Thankfully, the next two months are full of days off for holidays so I should get a nice break. Unexpectedly I have a five day weekend due to Veteran's Day and parent teacher conferences. A trip to Disneyland will definitely ensue. :)

Anyways, with all the exhaustion, my kids have continued their little sweet things to keep me smiling. I have to focus on those things to keep me going.

"Miss Neal, you sing really good."
"Miss Neal, you're pretty."
"I like your dress." (ten more students chime in the same compliment so I could thank them too)
"Miss Neal, where's my thank you card?" (from a student who gave me two pieces of paper filled with his name written 122 times)
"Miss Neal, is this right?" (ten more students chime in with the same question so I could say "good job" to them too)
"Miss Neal, I'm sitting very quietly."
"Miss Neal, I made you a picture....but I forgot it."

And of course, the many yells across the parking lot from my students in after/before school programs, "HI MISS NEAL!!!!" with a race to give me a hug.