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Yogurt Fruit Bowl

Tabitha Helms

This is as easy as it looks, and did I mention it's healthy and delicious? Yep, winning! All you need is a small melon, some yogurt, granola, and nuts--all customized to your taste and voila! It's done. You've got breakfast or lunch ready to go! 20130924-190042.jpg

Ingredients Small melon (I like honeydew or cantaloupe the best) Granola Yogurt (I used a yoplait) Nuts (cashews or almonds are my favorite)

Directions Cut the melon in half, and cover one side in plastic wrap for tomorrow's breakfast. Discard the seeds. Pour the yogurt in the middle hole remaining. (I put in half the yogurt and refill when I've eaten some of the melon away.) Sprinkle with granola and nuts. Bon appetite!