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Chicken Fried Rice

Tabitha Helms

My kids used to be such good eaters. They’d eat anything in site and want 2nd and 3rd helpings. But we’ve suddenly hit the halt button on all that. Kai can now be witnessed pushing his food off his tray to the floor and Judah will tell us forcefully that he doesn’t like it (before even taking a bite, which he at least used to do) and then wail to get down. We’ve tried to establish a rule of sitting at the table with the family until everyone is done. Otherwise, I’ve got kids running around 2 minutes into dinnertime, and Lord knows I just would like to sit down and eat a full meal every now and then!

Anytime that I manage to find a dinner that everyone eats completely is a cause for celebration. This hit the jackpot last night! There were no complaints, second (and fourth!) helpings, and everyone’s plate was clean. I am also pleased to announce that this is really easy to make. You can add whatever meat you like, or leave the meat out. We ate it meatless last night with some chicken and cilantro potstickers.

Chicken Fried Rice {}

So without further ado, Chicken Fried Rice!