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Rainbow Cupcakes

Tabitha Helms

882627_10151555363675390_749646176_o Sometimes, the school year is laid out such that multiple holidays/celebrations happen at once. When that happens you have to double up and teach multiple things at once. Our St. Patrick's Day party landed on a scheduled science day. So I decided to do two in one. We did the science of mixing colors and made rainbow cupcakes to eat for St. Patrick's Day.

It was a bit of a time crunch to do in the classroom. Kindergartners aren't the most patient people in the world. So it was trying for them to have to wait for the cupcakes to cook and cool and get frosted. We barely had time to eat them.

It was a fun project though--super easy. You just mix up a regular batch of white cake mix and separate it into different bowls to mix in food coloring. Gel food coloring gives darker, more vibrant colors if you prefer that. We used regular, liquid food coloring. After mixing in your desired coloring, you either scoop a little from each bowl into muffin cups or combine it all in a cake pan and cook at the desired temperature/time for your type of baked good.

I finished mine off with frosting, white marshmallows for clouds, and rainbow sour candy from Sprouts' bulk foods section for a rainbow. They were a major sugar rush, haha. But the kids of course loved them.