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Disney Princess Photo Booth Props {FREEBIE!}

Tabitha Helms

{FREE} Disney Princess Photo Booth Prop Templates

Drumroll, please!

I am thrilled to present my tutorial for making the cutest, girliest, princessiest, photo booth props known to mankind! Four fabulous Disney princesses are yours for the making. No longer will you have to spend hours figuring out what to do at your little girl's princess party because here is your answer! (Can you tell I'm a little excited??)

The summer camp I'm working for at my school this year is having a princess, prince, knight, king, queen, whatever you want to call it theme. The end of the summer is going to be a big, fun fair for the kids (themed as well, of course). My boss saw a picture of these photo booth props  on Google Images and thought to herself, "Tabitha is so creative, I bet she could make these!" Or something along those lines. ;) Seeing the picture myself, I was totally in. For one, it's Disney. For another, I love photo booths. I was hooked when I saw these, and thought to myself about how much I love when people put up tutorials and FREE stuff on their blogs to help other crafters to make those wonderful projects too. So, after several hours of labor sketching and cutting and piecing things together. I have made you FREE patterns(!) so you can make them too!

So, without further ado, here we go!


1 each yellow, red, brown, and black STIFF felt (It is extremely crucial to get the stiff kind or it won't stay up!)

4 wooden dowels

patterns ( Click the template you want: Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, and Snow White)




1) Download and print the pattern for the princess you want to make.

2) Cut out each piece.

3) Trace around each piece on the specified color of felt. Pencil worked fine for me.

4) Cut out the felt pieces.

5) Assemble the bow.

**Let each part dry before assembling the remainder of the bow.

6) Assemble remaining pieces as directed on pattern pieces with glue.

7) Add dowel with glue.

**Note: Some of the pieces (especially Belle) are a little top-heavy and need extra reinforcement. I tried duct tape, but it doesn't stick well to the stiff felt. Instead, I cut up a postcard and glued it on. That worked a lot better. :)

8) Let dry overnight.

9) Have fun with the cutest props ever!!!