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DIY Baby Mobile

Tabitha Helms

DIY Alien Baby Mobile {}

Life is busy with a one year old and a new job. Downtime for DIY projects is rare these days. Poor baby #2 is getting hand-me-down DIY projects that Judah has outgrown. One thing that I knew I wanted to make was a baby mobile. Judah was gifted one at his baby shower, and he absolutely LOVES it. He lays quietly in his crib when he wakes up in the morning and just stares at it. He knows them as his "friends." Whenever we say "Hi Friends!" in his room, he immediately looks at his felt, animal mobile. I always thought mobiles were more for cute decor in a nursery, until I saw how much Judah adores it and is entertained by it.

I made a couple for friends at their baby showers, but was wanting something different for baby #2. I searched Pinterest for something to inspire me. I found a pretty cute superhero mobile, but it looked like there were a LOT of felt pieces to cut out, and I was worried I wouldn't have the time. So I settled for a cute little alien one. I was able to finish most of the sewing while on vacation in Florida. It turned out pretty good! I think I might want to make the top ribbons longer so it hangs lower. Judah likes to be able to touch the animals when he's being picked up from his crib.

DIY Alien Baby Mobile {}

To make this mobile, you just need to cut out the felt pattern in the colors of your choice, and blanket stitch around the outsides after stuffing them. I hot glued the eyes and mouths on, but you could stitch them on if you prefer. Then you hang them to a hoop. I used a foam, floral wreath wrapped in decorative ribbon. 


I have recently been on the hunt for a take-home outfit for baby #2. We brought a long sleeve onesie that had to go over Judah's head as well as pants when we were taking him home from the hospital. Let's just say, it was quite a hassle trying to get a tiny, squirming baby into clothes! He was a bit disgruntled after the ordeal and then we had to put him in the car seat for the first time--not an easy feat having never done it before! So by the time that was all done, he was wailing while we waited for the check-out nurse to come. This time, I got smarter. I was searching for footie pajamas with a zipper. No need for putting something over his head, no trying to get socks on, just put him in and zip him up. One and done. I couldn't believe my luck the day after I finished this mobile when I found a newborn pajama for $5 that completely matched his mobile!

DIY Alien Baby Mobile {}