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Baby Projects

Tabitha Helms

I put together my list in October so I could stock up on fabrics when they went on sale. Then the fabrics sat in a pile until I could get started on my projects over Christmas break. I'm very happy with the progress I made! Take a look at the finished projects and be sure to head over to the blog tutorials that are linked--as a beginning level seamstress, these tutorials were great for my skill level and will be for you too!


DIY Car Seat Cover by Life with Littles

We bought our car seat/baby carrier on Black Friday when it was 30% off! It's been sitting in the shed in a box. I finally got it out so I could attach the velcro handles on the cover. Perhaps it's just been a while since I've carried a baby in one of these things, but geez it seemed much bigger than I remember! I'm going to need to start working out my arms. lol. My guess is the sizing has changed since back in my babysitting days because of the new rear facing car seat law for 2016. Anyway, I was looking for a neutral fabric before we knew we were having a boy, and found this adorable, nighttime owl print! The other side is a bright green color that matched the green on some of the owls. This cover was simple and fit quite easily over the car seat. 


DIY Burp Cloths by The Homes I Have Made

I know there are a plethora of burp cloths available for not very expensive, but I remember having a conversation with my bestie that many of them are not absorbent--isn't that the most important part about burp cloths?!?! So I started searching for what kind of fabric was absorbent and found someone else had made that hunt too! According to her blog, terry cloth and flannel were the best fabrics to use. I again bought up some neutral fabrics and I absolutely love how they turned out! A quick note about terry cloth: when you prewash it, there will be lots of threads and fluff that comes off. A lint brush and vacuum cleaner was needed afterwards. ;) 


DIY Nursing Cover Shawl by Clarks Condensed

I love sewing with knit fabrics because you don't have to hem them! Score! A lot of fabrics were directional, so didn't have many options since this project involves no cutting in which I could potentially fix the direction problem. This one I loved though--it was feminine and pretty. I like how the cover turned out; I found that the stitched portion should go down the back so the sides aren't lopsided. I wish the cover was a smidge longer so the whole {growing} baby would be covered. But, I'm okay with just covering his head and my milk makers. ;) Another thing I like about this shawl is that it's loose. A lot of the nursing covers I've seen with the strap/belt thing over the neck are stiff and bulky. 


DIY Changing Pad by See Kate Sew

Due to our limited space at home, we're going without a lot of new baby furniture. That also includes a changing table. We're getting a Pack N Play that has a changing insert that locks onto the top. I thought it would also be helpful to have a changing pad that I could move around and use anywhere in the house or on the go! I've made this pattern before for a friend's baby shower, and used a clear vinyl layer on top of the fabric part. It was doable but extremely difficult to work with the thickness of it. I had to hand crank my sewing machine because it was too thick. Kate uses vinyl fabric in her tutorial but JoAnn's didn't have that available. All they had was rain slicker kind of fabric that was super thin and only came in solid colors. I did some research and found a lady from Little Bean Workshop that used Iron-On Vinyl to make placemats. I had never heard of Iron-On Vinyl before and was a little worried that I'd mess it up or get it on my iron or something. But it was SUPER easy! I bought some Thermoweb Heat 'n' Bond Iron-On Vinyl from Amazon, and set to work. I was thrilled how simple it was and that it was much thinner than the stuff I had used last time. This kind sews easily so I was able to serge the edges quickly. I vinyled both sides of the mat and the pocket that goes inside. Then I serged the edges because I have pregnancy brain and forgot that I bought bias tape. I also wasn't able to use a ponytail holder; I used elastic instead because the ponytail was too thick, and my sewing machine didn't like it. 


DIY gDiaper Inserts by See Kate Sew

I did a lot of research on cloth diapering before I was even pregnant. I liked gDiapers the best because you don't have to wash the whole entire diaper every time baby goes to the bathroom. The majority of the time you just have to was the insert, and lucky for me, Kate had a pattern for making my own! They're a bit time consuming because we'll need A LOT--especially because we don't have a washer/dryer at home. But they're easy and cheap. I can use scraps for the cotton part (recognize the above fabrics??) and white fleece is always on sale at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby, and I can use an additional coupon. I'm working through making about 40 of each size. That's the sewing project I'll be working on in my evening and weekends since it's the only one that didn't get finished over my break. 

I also had plans to make some baby hats but couldn't find cute knit fabrics for them at JoAnn's; I'll have to check Hobby Lobby after I finish the diaper inserts. Reagan is going to be making a sidecar sleeper for our bed in the next few months. So we are definitely keeping busy around here!