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Animal Felt Book for Baby

Tabitha Helms

Baby's Quiet Book DIY

Of course you knew I'd be making one of these for our little one, didn't you? I've made several for friends, and loved mine when I was a kid. I've just been biding my time until I can make one for my own kiddos. 

I found this cute one on One Lovely Life; she sketched out the patterns on her own and made her book, which is usually what I do too. She didn't have any patterns posted, so I included my sketches for you here if you'd like to make this book as well.  PLEASE NOTE: The butterfly is a little big if you're also trying to fit the lettering on the page that goes with it. I cut my wings and body down a TON from the pattern. 

You will need assorted colors of felt for the animals and the backing pages. She used pinking shears on all her edges, stuffed some animals, and stitched around edges of the different felt pieces that make up the animals. Another option you can do instead of stitching is hot glue, which is usually what I use to make my felt books, because it's a lot quicker for me! That might be helpful on the piece of felt that folds over on the spine in case the stack of felt pages are too thick to go through your machine.

Baby's Quiet Book DIY

There are always a LOT of pieces to prep when making a felt book. Each day I would come home from work and cut out one page's pieces and gradually my collection grew and was finished and read to stitch. 

As I said before, I am not an amazing seamstress, so I stuck to very simple stitchings like mouths and legs. The rest I used a hot glue gun to keep in place! I had never owned pinking shears before, and LOVED them! So easy and cuter around the edges! Each page has something fun: the alligator's mouth zips open, the owl is hiding her baby under her wing, the frog's tongue snaps to each of the flies, the butterfly's wings move, the monkey's banana peels, the fish snaps to a different spot in the tank, and the lion's mane of ribbons can be manipulated/moved. 

Take a look at the finished product!