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Trello - The Way to Plan a Wedding

Tabitha Helms

Many people have commented on my organizational skills. I've always been that way naturally, but there are a few things that have helped me to be especially so while planning a 200 person wedding. My favorite tool has been Trello. Very shortly after we got engaged, my fiancé sent me an invitation to this website. I had never used it before, but it's what the company he works for utilizes to keep track of tasks to be done. I was in awe upon clicking "accept" and creating my account. It is a thing of beauty for my organized mind. This is how it looks now after many things have been solidified. You can make task cards of whatever you want. As we've started booking vendors, we made new cards with a picture of who has been chosen. It's nice to look at what we've been accomplishing.

Planning a Wedding with Trello

When we first started using Trello to plan our wedding, it looked more like this:

Planning a Wedding on Trello

Except it didn't have quite that many things completed on the "Done" list and the pictures on the task cards were added later when my visual brain needed to find specific tasks quicker. It was much easier to look for the black and white "Remember to Buy" picture while in the grocery store rather than scroll through a bunch of text. Although, there is a nice search bar at the top so you can find specific cards quickly--love that!

Here's how I suggest you set up to use Trello for wedding planning.

1) Create a Trello account.

2) Create a new board - title it something wedding related so you know this is where wedding planning takes place!

3) Add lists to your board - I made four To Do lists so I knew how to categorize my cards: - To Do: People/Vendors - for any tasks having to do with people helping or buying from - To Do: Projects - for anything that needed to be made or assembled - To Do: Attire - for anything related to what we were wearing or needed to buy clothes-wise - To Do: Other - for everything else! And I made a Done list to move cards to as they were completed.

4) Get your mega checklist from Wedding Wire or The Knot that you've already looked through and tailored to your needs and "Add a Card" for each of those tasks under the "List" that it fits under. Here is a breakdown of what cards I created: To Do: People/Vendors - Book a Venue - Sign up for Pre-Marital Counseling - Take Engagement Pictures - Book a Photographer - Resize Engagement Ring - Research Wedding Coordinators - Ask Bridal Party - Block off Hotel Rooms for Guests - Book a caterer - Book Honeymoon - Order Wedding Bands - Buy Wedding Insurance - Order Flowers - Make List of Vendors we Know - Order Ice Delivery - Designate Jobs - a HUGE list of every small task that needed to be done to set up the venue - Place Rental Orders - Appetizers - Book Wedding Night Hotel

To Do: Projects - Tabitha's Projects (checklist of my DIY projects) - Reagan's Projects (checklist of his DIY projects) - Decorate Tables - Make Seating Chart - Kid Activity Packs - Emergency Kit - Plan Game - Photo Booth - Wedding Invitations - Plant Flowers - Plan Bridal Shower (assigned my bridesmaids to this card) - Make a Website - Save the Dates - Engagement Pictures Photo Book

To Do: Attire - Find THE Dress - Something old/new/borrowed/blue - Bridesmaid Outfits - Flower Girls and Ring Bearer - Hair/Make up - Groomsmen/Groom Suits - Pick Bridal Party Accessories - Begin Work out, No Desserts, and Teeth Whitening

To Do: Other - Relax and Have Fun! ;) - RSVP Check - Master Shopping List - Order of Ceremony and Vows - Make Gift Registry - Recception Schedule - Make Bridal Shower Guest List - Wedding Guest List and Get Addresses - Ceremony Seating - Area Layouts - Choose Music - Make Day-Of Schedule - Plan Ceremony Elements - Set a Budget - Pick a Wedding Date - Arrange Transportation - Cake Stand and Server - Change Insurance Policies - Garage Sale - Write Thank You Cards - Move Tabitha's Stuff - Buy Reception Beverages - Bachelorette Party (Assigned my bridesmaids to this) - Prepare a Toast (Assigned best man, maid and matron of honor) - Pack for the Honeymoon - Bridesmaid Brunch - Snacks for Bridal Party Lunch - Get Married! :)

After you've done those four things, start checking out the cool things you can do on your Trello board:

1. On each card you can assign invited members to it (we invited our parents and bridal party on the board so they could stay informed about plans, so we could tag them and dialog about different things, etc.

2. You are able to add labels to cards. Here are the labels we had. You can have multiple labels on a card checked off at once.

How to Plan a Wedding with Trello

3. You can also attach documents or images. My schedule related cards have an uploaded document of what I created that is viewable by everyone invited on the board. I can @ sign tag them in a comment on the card and tell them to read it. The images make the board more visually pleasing in my opinion. It also helped with cards on the To Do: Attire list to give everyone an idea of what things looked like.

4. The way I organized the order of my cards was by assigning due dates to them. That helped me know that the things closer to the tops of my lists were things that needed to be completed first. If a person is assigned to a card, they will receive an email alert (or an app alert on their phone) that the task needs to be completed that day.

5. You can also write descriptions and comments on the cards, and make CHECKLISTS! I love checklists. I especially love when things are checked off on checklists. Here's my Tabitha's Projects card:

Organize your Wedding with Trello

That doesn't even show all the things on that checklist. But you get the idea about how many things I have left to do...DIY things that is. There's still a LOT more to do. Which is why I should probably finish this up and get some beauty sleep!

6. You can drag and drop cards anywhere on the board. So when a card is complete, we change the label to Done and drag it over to the Done list.

So basically, this website is not something you want to go without when planning your wedding. It is extremely user-friendly, has great tutorials, an awesome app, and it is way more personalized than any of the pre-made wedding sites because they don't include things like "Cut boards to wrap for appetizer table" or "Find picture for the bathroom door." Only you know you need these things! Try it out. You'll love it. :)