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Reupholstered Desk Chair {DIY}

Tabitha Helms

I've had my desk chair for about 6 years now. The girly, flower power fabric is faded and dirty looking. It's a reminder of times past and as I begin looking to a future home of my own with my future husband, I decided it was time for a revamp on this seen-better-days fabric. I have held onto the scraps of the to-die-for, thick, yellow and white fabric my brother and sister-in-law used for the table runners at their wedding. I knew I'd find the perfect use for it someday, and that day has arrived! It barely fit the width of the chair but I made it work. It was super easy, like I assumed it would be from pictures floating around Pinterest. I did mine the extra easy way and didn't even detach any of the parts.

The starting product:


Remove the staples. There's a lot of them. Please wear gloves to avoid scraped knuckles and scratched fingers.




Cut the fabric to a couple inches wider than the chair seat and back, wrap it over top of the existing fabric (extra padding!), and staple gun it in place.

Ta-da! Told you it was easy. ;)